The writing of “My Loving Self and Me”

After my retirement I began taking classes in self- improvement, spirituality and angel healing. Early on and for the first time, I received information on ego and true self.

act like it!

It struck a chord. The concept seemed so simple and yet changing my way of thinking and being, was not. Ego was so ingrained in me! Although it is much easier to recognize now and turn around, ego is a part of who we are. So many times as I read and practiced, I thought to myself, ‘boy would this have been easier if I knew about it a long time ago!’

That was when the concept of a book came to me- to write a picture book story of children learning about ego and their True Self of God in terms they could understand. My Loving Self and Me was born! It began as one story and grew from there. As my knowledge base grew, so did the topics Gabby and Ike experienced. The relationships with the adults in their lives grew as well. In most of the stories, the adults are there, and guide rather than tell them what to do. Gram does it much better than I do! As a self-proclaimed “fixer” of other people’s problems I am still working on letting those I love see their own solutions, sometimes with guidance if they ask, but without interference.

Before retiring, as both a teacher and a school administrator, I viewed much through the eyes of the children. One of the key things I discussed with parents was perspective. How children perceive things is usually not the same as the adults in their life and to communicate with them effectively, adults need to realize that and be open to the perceptions of the child.   Children are more apt to listen and consider the parents’ point of view when they know they have been heard and a dialog is available. The days of ‘because I said so’ are long gone as a viable solution. Being comfortable with discussing daily issues prepares parents for the days when the difficult issues appear. Rarely do things come ‘out of the blue’, and children who are comfortable bringing their issues to an adult in their life, are more apt to be comfortable sharing when they have made a mistake or are in danger. Dialog and consequences that are learning experiences rather than punishment for punishment sake, carried out without judgment or disappointment, enable that sharing as well. These conversations I had with parents in school to assist them in raising successful children, I wanted to share with others as well.


As I wrote, my focus was on children and the difficulties with which they may have to deal in their life. Two of those children, always in my mind were my own grandchildren. Creating story scenarios of other children seemed an ideal format for discussion. They have too much in their lives that creates worry without adding to it through constant discussions of ‘what if’? The stories do that for me- and you.   The situation is someone else’s and the problem ends in a solution in a couple of pages.   And “What would your Loving Self do?” after each stories extends that practice.

As a new author, I didn’t realize immediately the scope it was taking. As a grandmother and past teacher, it was all about the kids.   As a mother and past administrator and teacher, I wrote for parents. As I grew in my own spirituality and self- empowerment I wrote for me. The last two were a surprise!


2 thoughts on “The writing of “My Loving Self and Me”

  1. Beth, I read your page and found it inspirational and know that anyone who reads your book will find inspiration from it. I wish you all the best with your writing.



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