Becoming C. Beth Hoffman, the Author

TNB_3342 F2Every stage of a journey is an opportunity for growth in an area that had been neglected, or never even considered.   After retirement as a teacher and  school administrator for over 30 years, I really started to work -on me! Achieve Today, Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins, and Landmark Education are the major coaching programs I have participated in. Each one played an important role in my transformation. Before them, in between them and after them were classes in angel healing, and energy healing. I trained in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Magnified Healing but could not feel comfortable and confident as a healer. I realized I could use those skills, knowledge and heartfelt connection as the educator I was, through writing and coaching.   Through all the empowerment work I did, as it all became clearer, I wanted my grandchildren to have the opportunity to learn early what took decades for me to discover.

I realized that by writing I could offer that opportunity to other children as well. Parents can gain insights through reading with their children, the importance of which I cannot emphasize enough.   Although they don’t usually, older children should still read with parents even after  they begin reading chapter books independently, and that is a connection that is missed, whether they realize it or not.   My Loving Self and Me offers a section called “It Takes Practice” after each story that enables the children to consider what their Loving Self would do.   I am grateful to hear that while discussing with their family members and other responsible adults in their lives, kids are coming up with their own situations and ‘what if’s. What a wonderful setting for the adults in their lives to become aware of the concerns of the children they love!

The first concept presented in My Loving Self and Me is that of ego and true self which can be difficult for any of us. The terms ‘My Loving Self’ and my ‘All About Me Self’ simplify them and introduce their connection to God. Of course love is a big part of every story- especially God’s love for all of us and within all of us. stressfreekidsPrayer and meditation and the value of stillness for listening, hearing or feeling messages from God and His angels are used by the characters, to deal with daily issues of young people today. Gratitude as a frame of mind is introduced, as well as seeing physical differences as a way to lovingly differentiate without criticism, judgment or prejudice.   Fear, bullying, being bullied or being a bully, self-worth, and other social situations are faced with love, and family support. These topics I am familiar with as a mother and grandmother, as well as a teacher and administrator. Children are influenced by so much media today, even if not at home. They hear about it at school or on the school bus from other children. Even with your parameters, they need to be prepared for it all.  The stories, poems and scenarios I created help do that in the safety of their own home.

boy and mother readingReading about how other children deal with issues is easier for them to handle than discussion that they interpret as lecturing.  My Loving Self and Me provides that forum and I am grateful that it is part of your family time.


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