My Loving Self and Me- a blog for adults who love children

It is a busy world no matter how old you are. School age children deal with the issues of self, family, school, home, community, and also the world through technological communication that bombards  us all. They need role models and listeners- adults with whom the can share their private worlds.  My Loving Self and Me is a book written for older children to read with an adult or in a family setting.  The stories present real life issues that children face today, about which their caring adults may know nothing.  By reading the book together, parents get the opportunity to discuss the experiences of the characters, discovering the quiet parts of their child’s life, or how they relate to the issues the characters faced. The characters always find a solution that comes from their heart.   The discussions in “What would your loving self do?”  that follows each story create teaching moments for you and your child.

There are many topics that come up in raising children. Not all of them are in the book, needless to say.  This blog is written for the parents, grandparents and other caring adults that have children in their lives that they support, bringing them information, hopefully before they have to deal with it in real life.

What will you get out of reading My loving Self and Me, the blog?

  1. Insights into issues that children today face.
  2. Ideas on assisting them in a loving and helpful way.
  3. Links to websites that deal with parenting issues.
  4. Direction on bringing faith and spirituality into your parenting style.
  5. An occasional new unpublished story for you and your family.

The blogs are listed on the right in Recent Posts and below it in Archives.

From time to time, I write a new story using the characters in the book, My Loving Self and Me,  and “publish” it here for you to share with your children. If you have an issue your child is dealing with, and would like the characters to find a solution from their heart, please leave a message here.

Thanks for reading and sharing this blog and My Loving Self and Me.


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