An Adult Twist on My Loving Self

Raising children to love and care for themselves, others and the planet has been the focus of My Loving Self and Me for over a year.  Unexpectedly becoming a cancer patient has my focuses in another direction.  When I got past the “Why me?”part of the diagnosis I realized there was so much more to the experience than I ever realized and that surprised me since I have been a volunteer for the American Cancer Society for about 9 years, most of that time focusing on Mission and Advocacy. How could I know so little after all these years?

All experiences through life do come back to perspective and that perspective is based on whether we are coming from our heart or ego.  Perhaps this is a necessary diversion in my writing as all adults need to reflect on the lens through which they view life, especially if they are raising children.  Children cannot bring forth their loving self if they are living in a world of negativity or being treated in a way that is contrary to what is expected of them.

As I write through my personal experiences I intend to give thanks to those who live from their heart and inspire others  readers to come home to their heart.  Although this change in direction was motivated by a cancer diagnosis, it will not be a cancer blog, but one that motivates each adult to live from their heart when it comes to difficulties friends and family members are going through. I encourage readers to leave feedback as all  life lessons are valuable. The role of caregiver is not an easy one. I hope this will support and encourage them as well.  Now I am the patient, but I was a caregiver for my father during his cancer, and my mother through dementia.  The latter was truly difficult. Please join the forum here and participate in this discussion. Thank you.


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