Earth Angels Among Us

There are “rules” of kindness that were instilled in all of us at an early age, while for some,  love for fellow man, compassion, empathy and care are who they are at the soul level.  I first became aware of the difference years ago while traveling.  A man traveling with his wife, seemed to be having difficulty and neither of them seemed to know what was happening.  Young and unsure myself, I just made sure I walked near them in case assistance was needed.  I started up a conversation with them so as to not be too obvious, but so that I could take his other arm, not held by his wife  giving him more support.  When we arrived at an area where he could sit, I returned to my group and was asked annoyingly, ” You just can’t help yourself, can you?” I pondered that for years.

Although it was seen by my companion as a negative thing (something I didn’t understand at the time), I believe compassion and selflessness is available to everyone.  Some accept it in their heart while others accept “The rules” that seem to say, offering to help is as good as giving.  Others go back and forth from “The rules” to true compassion seamlessly. I think I fall in the latter.

While enduring the effects of chemotherapy, I became aware of several of these Earth Angels who began by searching for a way to assist a friend or family member with a cancer experience.  They created through trial and error, a product to ease a specific discomfort.  Some of hese people then began to create more and made them available to others.  Some found funding and donate the products, and others sell them at cost. My own Earth Angel knits me soft, luxurious hats and always sends them with the words, “If  it doesn’t fit or isn’t to your liking, pass it on.” Another of my Angels made herself available to drive me to some of my treatments.  Many offered, saying “Call me if you need me”, but my earth angel called each week and asked what she could do that particular week.  I also discovered that “Call me if you need me”, something I too have offered in the past, is not the offering of the gift I thought it was.  Putting the needy person in a position to call friends until one was available is more inconvenient than I ever realized. Experience. I also realized that with the length of many  treatments, one card, gift, visit etc., are not sufficient to assist in raising spirits.  I have an Earth Angel that sends out inspiriational cards weekly to many people. Now I realize what a wonderful gift that is.  Consistent texts or messages provide a connection that is valuable.

I don’t think Earth Angels see themselves as such. They are being themselves, living from their heart, but they tremendously impact those around them.  In gratitude to Earth Angels who have assisted you during a difficult time, please take just a minute or 2 to explain what someone did for you or a loved one that was a true gift of the heart that made a difference.  A generalization of the kindness may be included in a future blog, “Gratefully Acknowledging Gifts From the Heart”. Their creativity may inspire many others.

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4 thoughts on “Earth Angels Among Us

  1. When I was working fulltime as an elementary school counselor, I felt I MUST be everything to everyone usually ignoring myself and my needs. I encountered several “Earth Angels”. One was a principal who, when my daughter had a minor fender bender, insisted on driving me to her rather than me driving myself. He knew I was a mess and a menace in a car at that moment; he also wanted to check on her as he cares deeply for her. That was HUGE for me as a single mother. My second “Earth Angel” was a follow teacher who, when I was sick and refusing to go,to,the doctor or take a sick day, insisted that I needed to care for myself before I could care for my child or the children and parents in my school. One day, I was so ill I could barely function and she called our mutually shared physician and made an appointment for me, then arranged for me to get there. This taught me a huge lesson I’ve repeated often….we MUST take care of,ourselves before we can take care of others. This is a lesson I’ve shared and at times enforced as my friend did for me.


    • and you just did a lead in to the next blog that I wrote last night! Earth Angels must put on their oxygen mask before helping others. Self care is absolutely necessary. I used the word selfless in this blog which is a word I no longer believe in, but I felt would clarify a point
      to the many who strive for it. Self love and care need to come first. Love yourself as God loves you. It isn’t being selfish. It is the first step in assisting others.


  2. Throughout my cancer diagnosis and treatment stage, my Earth Angels were as follows:
    My mom, my rock, a true Earth Angel in every sense of the word. She lives to serve others in need, and anyone in her friend and family circle, on a daily basis, whether it be a cooked meal, a visit, an errand, or a lunch date, she is always giving of herself.
    My husband Tom, my best friend, who never left my side.
    My dad, whose devotion to his family, and especially me during my time of need, is unwavering.
    My sister in law Jane, a three time cancer survivor herself. Her dedication and devotion to me during my time of need was effortless and heartfelt.
    My remaining Earth Angels were friends and family who tried their very best to help me through my time of despair. Most never having been sick with an affliction ever in their lives. They did their very best, and I will be eternally grateful for them always. Sending cards, checking in with a short visit, or a phone call, or a cooked meal.
    When I think about it now, these incredible people are still my Earth Angels, always present, always giving and loving, and true angels on Earth.


    • The emotions that come up in the dark of the night often stay to interupt the days as well. Despair, panic and other feelings are always possible even with prayer and positive attitudes as they lie there close to the surface. Friends who rally around regardless of whether they know what to do for you are truly Earth Angels. Not knowing what to say or do should never block anyone from being there. It isn’t a contest. Someone in need will never judge you for not knowing what they need. If you are there, they can tell you. More times then not, they just need you by their side.


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