You Always Had The Power

downloadFrustrated? Angry? Worried? Sick of things not going your way EVER???  Are you expected to do things when you are busy doing something else?  Tired of being told what to do all the time?? You think you should be in charge of  your own life and fed up with feeling powerless.

Whether you are 14 or 44, a  student, mom or working adult this could be describing you.  It was me for many years, too until I began engaging in personal development classes and coaching that helped me see my life from a new perspective.  Although I didn’t see it that way at the time, I was living the life of a self inflicted victim, feeling sorry for myself. The hardest part for me was to accept that my frame of mind  victimized me, not others.

How about you?  Is it possible that your expectations block good things from coming quotesgram.com2your way?  One of the first exercises that started to turn things around came from training CDs that were preparing me for a weekend of Unleash the Power Within with  Tony Robbins.  The instructions were to begin each day with gratitudes.   My first reaction was, “Really?  Does he know what my life is like???” Luckily Mr. Robbins demonstrated on the CD what he wanted me to do.  I copied his at first until I was able to personalize my own and then I watched them grow. Today, giving gratitude comes easily because I am grateful for everything in my life.  Now before I react to problems I am able to stop and look for the opportunities that may be there for me.  When faced with cancer for the second time, I was grateful.  Not that I had cancer of course, but because I knew I was in God’s care and believed in the doctors and staff and that the surgery would go well.  It did. And I am cancer free.

64c82a681968f8c602b50080a9eaa1e0--time-quotes-tony-robbinsThat is what being grateful does- brings more things to be grateful for.  An attitude of gratitude although it may take practice, diminishes negative thinking that may be an issue for you.  Begin by noticing how many times a day you are angry, sad, fearful, anxious or any other negative feeling.  Notice how many times you are grateful.  If the first outweighs the second, you are not using your power for happiness.  Actually thanking those that caused a good feeling if only for a moment, also uses your power for good as it raises up your spirits as well as the other person’s.  Now that is something to be grateful for!  NY Times best selling author Lewis Howes says, “If you concentrate on what you have, you’ll always have more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.” (Included in the linked article are 6 suggestions to get started.) And out of the mouth of babes,” You have to be grateful because if you aren’t grateful, the magic stops.” Ian, age 6

Changing the way you look at life is powerful! Allowing yourself to be happy is powerful! all-about14 Refusing to be angry and frustrated is powerful!  Taking responsibility for your own happiness is powerful! Letting go of anger at others so YOU can be free of that anger is powerful! Appreciating goodness in your life and giving gratitude for it is using your power.  Taking responsibility for your health by exercising,  eating and drinking healthy, and avoiding anything that is destructive to your body is using your power. Loving yourself is using your power.  Giving up thinking of yourself as a victim is using your power.  And it is power you always had!

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz had many experiences on her adventure away from Kansas as she strove to get home.  She traveled from one end of the kingdom to the other searching for answers from others on how to return to Auntie Em and her Uncle Henry.  Her final visit  was to Glinda the Good Witch of the South.  Kindly Glinda told her she had the power all along.  Take time to listen to your heart and find your power within.

behappy.mebook cover (2) Live from Your Heart


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