A “Silent” Majority is Irresponsible

Stand-up-for-what-we-know-is-right.jpgNearly everyone was surprised that Donald Trump won the US election in November.  Watching the news, it was clear to see that he would lose.  But silently there were supporters hoping for the impossible.  Lots of them- enough to take the Electoral College and shock the world.  For eight years, liberals spoke out as “the people” and those that didn’t agree with them were wrong.  The silent conservative side grew.  Many self-protected from the criticism and mocking that would follow a sharing of ideas by keeping their thoughts to themselves.  The silent majority grew while no one was watching, coming forth in the voting booth.

Those voters showed that they were also “the people” and while their views often were not in sync with the liberals, they had a voice as well.  They used that voice on November eighth.

So Donald Trump is President of the United States at least for the next 4 years, although some are so bold as to suggest that he won’t last that long for various reasons.  The left has sworn to fight him on everything and they are doing it.  Protesters are still on the news, some peaceful, some violent and destructive.  Social Media is a forum for sharing news from political websites that target people, not the ideas. They are fighting one man whom they have demonized.

The secrecy of the voting booth allowed for the president’s win, however with that voteAdenadesigns-Einstein now comes responsibility to back that conviction.  Where is the base that voted him into office? Are you one of them? Did you vote and return to the privacy of your home?  Now is the time to be participants in the conversations.  Share your voice, being careful when you share the voice of others, that you agree with what they say and if not, start a conversation!  Be the voice for what you think is right without judgment or criticism of others beliefs which only redirects the focus away from the issue.

Everyone, regardless of party affiliation should be in contact with their members of Congress in Washington.  If you don’t like what they are doing, tell them!  If you like what they are doing, support them.  More importantly tell them what you think!   We the people have a responsibility for our country.  We the people can not be bystanders. It may be a multiple choice world, but we can think outside the box.  Do it!  Make your true voice heard!  Waiting until the next election to participate in our democracy is irresponsible.

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One thought on “A “Silent” Majority is Irresponsible

  1. I thoroughly agree with your assessment of our political position today. I am surprised at the ability of the side that was surprised with a loss by their candidate to openly desire the winner and OUR president to fail. Why would anyone that is a true American want that to happen? Over my voting years my candidate did not always win…but I certainly wished our current president the best and hoped he made the correct decisions to make our country a safe and better place.
    Why has this fundamental American desire thrown away and an open attack by the losing side to make sure that this president and by default the country fails. In what world does that make any sense. All logic and intelligence seems to have left many of us…sad.

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