Acknowledging Satan

I don’t remember Satan being a big part of my religious upbringing.  I remember praising God through prayer and song, and hearing that God is good, but the devil was more a thing of movies and books, and funny sayings.  When people said, “The devil made me do it”, it was always with a grin so I took that to mean they knew they shouldn’t have done what they did, but weren’t taking credit for the mistake.  Even in church today,  the leaning has been on relating to the current thinking of the congregation to keep them coming through the doors.  Fire and brimstone does not accomplish that. And like a smoke, without warning Satan has seeped into our lives.

Electronic communication has become the transportation of both the light and evil.   Posts on Facebook and articles on websites in the spiritual circle I follow spread the word that the earth’s vibration is rising.  We are moving into the light and ascension will come.  Reading that hopeful news raises personal vibration and it feels wonderful, but is difficult to continually sustain.  The news can do you in.  There is the left, the right, one side or another, choose, choose, choose.  What happened to what is best for people? Party affiliation and alignment has replaced kindness, consideration and doing for others.  Instigation has replaced cooperation.  Those inspirational posts on Facebook are not outnumbered by political bias, however the negative rhetoric seeps into everyone’s lives. 

If the earth’s vibration is rising and the light is increasing, what is happening in this world of chaos?  It is time to acknowledge that there is a dark force rather than blame each other.  It is around us and in us.  You can call it anything you wish but it isn’t just in the movies, but right here and right now.  While light and dark are in relative balance, we are at ease with different points of view.  Most are accepting of differences and for the most part live from their heart. But as the light increases, the dark fights back to maintain balance.  You can see it in the actions of others, probably strangers first, then friends and families before you will recognize it in yourself.  But it is there.  Little white lies get grayer and grayer each time they are told.   Judgment, hurtfulness, selfishness all creep in and evil is strengthened.

  • devilIt can’t be stopped until it is acknowledged as real. Whether you see it as a heavy vibration, negativity or a presence like Satan, evil needs to be addressed. Prayer is essential, but not by rote memory. The prayers themselves are good, but saying them without consciousness for what you are praying invalidates the effort. When talking to God, do so from your heart, not from your mind.  It is the mind that plays host to evil, not the heart.  We are in a world of duality and Man, probably beginning with good intention, but nevertheless influenced by the devil, insinuated evil into it as the opposite of goodness.  It is time to bring the love back, by acknowledging that it has slipped away.  Connecting with the earth and nature and all that God created also keeps you balanced. Mother Earth is affected by this negativity too, and benefits from a relationship with us as much as we do with her.   

Choosing light over dark, good or evil is most easily done in a vacuum.  That is not realistic.  Mankind is communal and thus lives in situations that seem complicated and often difficult.  People of darkness do not see themselves that way.  The first step is acknowledgment of the possibility of dark and then to intend to be the light.  The intention is powerful.  God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but to try, to set the intention to live from our hearts.  

Do you reject Satan, all his works, and all his empty promises?  I do.


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