An Observation on Political Correctness

Being politically correct is to be unoffensive to others, specifically regarding gender or race.    Rather than it be a personal challenge for each to see their self in true form, whether it be living from the heart for all, or not, it has become a free license to judge and criticize others.  Ironic isn’t it?

Observation has indicated that as soon as race, color, creed or anything controversial at the given moment, becomes a topic, politically correct radars go off. While kicking in attention to judgment of political correctness of those involved, they completely miss what the other is saying. What a shame!  Listening is becoming a lost art because catching someone else at political incorrectness is more important.  All about judgment.

Here is a scenario.  My car breaks down at night, a black man stops, gets out, doesn’t check anything, but says, “Get in my car and I will take you into town.” My inner voice says, “Hell no!”  How many of you have already labeled me a racist? Let’s continue.

A white man stops and says, “Lady you are stuck here unless you come with me cause the gas station closed but I can give you a ride. Get in here with me.”  My inner voice is still screaming  and I refuse.  So what am I now?  I refused the white man as well.  Oh, back to the list up top.  Race, gender, I must be a sexist.  I don’t like men.

From my perspective I am alone and afraid and don’t know what to do, and out of that you got racist and sexist?  That is what society has led us to.  Instead of being politically correct, why can’t we live from our hearts?  In fact why aren’t they the same considering the definition of political correctness?   Perhaps it began as a way to enlighten people by providing an opportunity to observe how they themselves interact with others, but are they, or are they only seeing the flaws in others?  Seems to me rather than loving one another we are judging one another, and instead of improving society through love and compassion, improvement has been halted by that judgment because few are willing to work together for a common goal.  Perhaps we should have predicted the outcome from hearing the term POLITICAL correctness.

I am all for canning the concept of political correctness. End the self-generated position of judge and jury, and look at our similarities rather than differences.  Communicate with integrity.  Listen with your heart, speak from your heart and live through your heart.






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