Retaining Integrity in a Political World

The world is spinning seemingly out of control, yet it remains on its axis.  It seems to move faster and faster each day and yet it still takes 24 hours to do so.  Happenings are reported momentarily assaulting the senses as they compound, continuously attacking our ability to remain calm as we assess and valuate them.  The task is strenuous, time consuming, and most difficult because the challenge is finding fact in the onslaught of opinion.   One of the most elusive things to find in the fray of opinion is integrity.  Politics today is based on getting what they want at all costs and the people become collatoral damage. So how do we protect our self worth in this atmosphere?


Don’t jump on any band wagons!

It is so easy to agree when you only have partial facts.  Too often in today’s political world you are only getting the facts that suit a political stance- one sided and presented in a way that anyone with a heart would back.  Remember that nothing of importance stands alone in a vacuum.  Like the swing of a pendulum, opinion moves back and forth, back and forth.  That is valuable when individuals are assessing any situation. Be-the-change-you-want-to-see-in-the-worldClosed minded following, unwilling to alter opinion as facts become clearer, is unhealthy for self and country.  If you have taken a stand and after absorbing more facts, change your mind, own it.   The bandwagon doesn’t care for your integrity, in fact they are directed to condemn it.  Stay true to your higher self.  That takes moral courage.

Love your neighbor, allowing for a differing opinion.

Wow! is there an abundance of indignant name calling, degradation and humiliation of others with a differing opinion!  Those that do it, believe they have the right because they believe their view is right!  Another bandwagon to avoid.  Coming from your heart, you will not need to be right.  Rather than retaliation through words for a difference of opinion, demonstrate love for your neighbor. Allow for a difference of opinion.

See people as individuals with individual thoughts and opinions.

Labels, labels, labels…  Another big WOW!  I was of the opinion that somewhere in my adult life, prejudice had reduced, never gone completely, but reduced and people were people.  Right now we are being led to believe that we are walking labels.  There are words be batted around that I have to look up, which I do because it appears it is being shot like an arrow at me!  I doubt I am the only one.  Not amusingly, some labels are expected.  There are characteristics of us that are undeniable- our gender, skin color, age and some that are assumed like race or religion.  Condemnation on those characteristics seems to me to have reversed.  I feel condemned if I do not band with others wearing the same label as me.  Individuality is being attacked from all angles.  Clear your mind.  Open your mind to the individuality of those around you.  You be you.  Let me be me.

Understand that propaganda is everywhere.


In the last decade, name calling has become commonplace in the propaganda of the political arena.  But more recently it has been turned on the American people.  The parties have instigated name calling not just on those running or in office but those affiliated with the opposing party.  Be aware that this is used “in place of arguing the good points of an idea, belief, or proposal.”  It fosters anger, fear and dread.  No peace exists in this scenario.  While  using it to bolster their political party, there is no concern that they are pitting one American against an other.  While instigating this rift, they are truly creating racism, misogyny, hypocrisy, and hatred, and blaming it on everyone else.  This particular form of propaganda is so prevalent in the political atmosphere that it has become interwoven in our culture. Don’t let it!  Just knowing that it occurs for power of political parties and doesn’t have to define who we are as people, is a step in the right direction.  They want us to believe that we all make choices based on our gender, race, color, creed and worse, that we should!  Think for yourself.

Integrity comes from the heart, mind and soul.

buddhaHold onto your integrity.  Keep your eyes and ears open, and make choices after careful reflection.  Integrity doesn’t support personal gain, but good for self and others.  We can’t avoid what is painful but after reflection on all that bombards our senses we can strive to make good choices, leaving unkind thoughts and judgments to others.







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