Miss (or Mister) Misunderstood




We live in a polar world right now, some call it  duality. Things are seen as black and white, right or wrong, good or bad, and on and on.  Duality often has us on one side and those we care about on the other.  Because ego needs to be right, it is possible that those you love see you on the “wrong” side of any given issue, only because you are not in agreement with them, or they are yet unable to comprehend what you are thinking or feeling.   They may even be derogatory in their attitude towards you.  Most people are not open-minded although they think they are, because being open-minded is based on what is in their consciousness at that time. Of course just the name open-mindedness tells us it is about how they think, not what is in their heart, something not yet an object of consciousness.   Society in general has rules about prejudice, phobias, and much more, that encompass more and more all the time, but there are always issues not within the circle of attention which haven’t come to focus among the general public.  The misunderstood, who are certain their opinion has value and want to share their beliefs, threaten the security of those in line with the common thinking at that time.  Patience is necessary, awaiting others to feel less threatened and able to consider the possibility of alternate thought.  Speaking louder, or in frustration only makes the closed minded completely shut off their minds to the opportunity of new thought.quiet the mind

Misunderstood people do not see 2 choices, but think more in grays agreeing with some of each side, or none of either. The general public becomes frustrated over these individual’s inability to make a decision from among the “choices” they were given.  Conflict arises when both sides insist on being correct.  Ego is in charge.  Those who are entering the light do not need to be correct.  They accept that their role is to plant seeds of loving thoughts that someday may become the conscious thought of humankind.  Without ego, what matters is that thinking evolves for the higher good.

Many on earth in every culture are seed planters of a higher consciousness. But they too, have to evolve their own being before they are truly able to fulfill their role.  They need to accept their unusual awareness as a gift from God that will be revealed at the right time.  They don’t necessarily own it, but it will move the planet forward in some way if it comes from the heart. They must stay true, unaffected by the surrounding chaos.   Thoughts or feelings that are of a low vibration, negative and not for the higher good of self, others and the planet must be rejected. Patience is truly a virtue.  Ego controlled feelings of rejection, being unappreciated or unloved, must be recognized as such and released.  No one is alone here.

If this speaks to you-  a misunderstood and possibly a seed planter, know that it is a path of communication of God’s love that you chose with joy. Grow with it, and expand your consciousness fearlessly.  Ego is argumentative, love is not.  Share your ideas in a non-threatening manner, let them carry on the wind, and see where they land.  Avoid being offended knowing when the time is right and if it is meant to be, others will share your lesson and pass it on.  If not, it was a stepping stone in your personal growth that will take you elsewhere. You don’t need to be the center of attention.  Your ego does.  You only need to live from your heart in God’s love and light and share it for all who are ready to hear the message. ego vs soul

and so it is..


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