My Loving Self and Me- the book

Why are decisions sometimes so hard to make? Do you ever wonder why what you want to do doesn’t match what you are expected to do? Everyone has a part of themselves that sees good in others and bases thoughts and actions on loving and caring. Everyone also has a self-centered part of themselves, and sometimes the two parts need to balance.

This book is a collection of stories and poems about a brother and sister and situations they and their cousins experience. Ike and Gabby have learned that communication is important, and they are open with their parents and grandparents whose guidance reflects the belief in finding answers through God. Situations they face may be familiar. Join Gabby, Ike, and their family as they experience hurt feelings, bullying, and fear, ultimately learning gratitude, integrity, respect for nature, and more.

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3 thoughts on “My Loving Self and Me- the book

  1. I like& understand this. Cos I been through such. But it only made me stronger. Even though I still am open to learning experiences. I trust in God guidance & protection for my life today.


    • Trust in God is so very important. sometimes we get bombarded with so many “facts” we lose sight of the fact that God is in control. Perhaps when we accept the “facts” as truths, we bring them to fruition.


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