Loving Your Body Gratefully

  Today is Thanksgiving and for many it will be a day of food, and tomorrow may be a day of feeling tired, bloated, regretful and feeling shame.  The day after any celebration is often the first day of some new eating regime.  Been there many times and unfortunately without much success because I didn't … Continue reading Loving Your Body Gratefully

Take the Easy Route

How many times a day do you think you make a choice?  Depending on your outlook you may think it is a lot, or none at all, being assured that others make the decisions for you.  We all make choices from an extra  10 minutes of sleep, to grabbing an umbrella, or washing the coffee … Continue reading Take the Easy Route

If We were Having Dessert, Now is the Time We Would Have it

I do not remember thinking meals in our house were anything spectacular during childhood.  We ate chicken a lot, always vegetables and usually a salad.  Weekends were pot roast and vegetables and very occasionally a steak.  Mother was good at casseroles as well.  Dessert was rare.  After all, on shopping day a pack of Oreos … Continue reading If We were Having Dessert, Now is the Time We Would Have it